Kate Tsui Tsz-shan

Kate Tsui Tsz-shan (20110504-131606)

Kate Tsui Tsz-shan (徐子珊) is the 2004 Miss Hong Kong pageant winner and currently a TVB actress and singer.

Profile :

Chinese name : 徐子珊
English name : Kate Tsui Tsz-shan
Nick Name : Kate, Tsz Shan, 小K
Born : 19 June 1979 / Hong Kong
Occupation : Actress, Singer, Dancer
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Japanese, Spanish
Education: University of California (Davis Campus) graduate
Place of origin: Guangdong Boluo
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Measurements: 32″ 23″ 34”
Constellation: Gemini
Zodiac Year: Sheep
Interests : Dancing, movies, theater, car racing, dreams, architecture, travel, high heels…
Favorite movie genre : musical, romantic comedy, action
Favorite actress : Charlize Theron
Favorite actor : Johnny Depp
Favorite role of my own : Piggy in Eye in the Sky
Favorite music genre : R&B
Favorite singer : Beyonce, Duffy
Favorite songs of mine : Hit Me, Read My Mind
Favorite view : sunset
Favorite book : The Art Book, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber
Necessity of highest daily use : Q-tips
Favorite cuisine : Italian, Spanish, Mama’s cooking
Favorite food : Croque-monsieur, Parma ham, Iberian ham, egg white, caesar salad, XO sauce, char siu(barbecued meat), baihualiaocan, wakame, hazelnut
Favorite drink : Black coffee, Earl Grey, Fresh Lime and Mint Tea, Coconut Juice, Mint Chocolate (without milk)
Favorite dessert : millefeuille, lemon tart, custard, almond Tofu, serradura
Favorite cartoon and comic : Tinytoons, Detective Conan
Places I want to visit : Prague, Finland, South America, Fiji Islands
Place I want to live when I retire : Marbella

TV Series

  • Triumph in the Skies II (TVB, 2012)
  • The Boxing King 拳王 (TVB, 2012)
  • Forensic Heroes III (TVB, 2011)
  • Lives of Omission (TVB, 2011)
  • Wax and Wane (TVB, 2011)
  • Relic of an Emissary (TVB, 2011)
  • When Lanes Merge (TVB, 2010)
  • Don Juan DeMercado (TVB, 2010)
  • The Beauty of the Game (TVB, 2009)
  • A Great Way to Care (TVB, 2009)
  • Man in Charge (TVB, 2008)
  • The Four (TVB, 2008)
  • Moonlight Resonance (TVB, 2008)
  • Speech of Silence (TVB, 2008)
  • Steps (TVB, 2007)
  • On the First Beat (TVB, 2007)
  • The Brink of Law (TVB, 2007)
  • The Price of Greed (TVB, 2007)
  • La Femme Desperado (TVB, 2006)
  • When Rules Turn Loose (TVB, 2005)
  • Fantasy Trend (2004)


  • Lady Cop & Papa Crook (2008)
  • Contract Lover (2007)
  • Eye in the Sky (2007)


  • Miss Hong Kong 2004: Winner, Miss Photogenic, Miss International Goodwill, and Fitness award.
  • Miss Chinese International 2005: Top 5 finalist and Miss Gorgeous.
  • TVB 40th Anniversary Awards 2007 : Winner of Most Improved Actress Award
  • TVB 41st Anniversary Awards 2008 : Nominated for the Most Supportive Actress Top 5
  • 27th Hong Kong Film Awards : Winner of Best Newcomer Award
  • JSG Selections 2009 Round 1 : Winner of Most Recommended Newcomer Award
  • JSG Selections 2009 Round 3 : One of the Winners of Top 10 song with single
  • Metro Hit Award Presentation 2009 : Winner of Metro Hit Newcomer King Award (for female singer)
  • Chik Chak 903 Music Awards 2009 : Winner of Chik Chak Female Newcomer Award: Silver
  • 2009 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards : Winner of Most Popular Newcomer Award: Gold
  • The 32nd RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Award : Winner of Most Promising Newcomer: Gold
  • IFPI Hong Kong Top Record Sale Awards 2009 : Winner of Best-Selling Local Female Newcomer award

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Tsui Tsz-shan (20110504-131614)
Kate Tsui Tsz-shan (20110504-131612)
Tsz Shan (20110504-131532)
Kate Tsui Tsz-shan (20110504-131606)
Kate Tsui (20110504-130010)

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